Indian Head Massage or Champissage is a wonderful refreshing and relaxing treatment.

It has many healing properties like helping with stress relief, insomnia, eye strain, sinuses, stiff neck and shoulders, headaches and migraines.

Indian Head Massage is based on the ancient healing system called Ayurvedic.

In India this was traditionally performed by the females in the family for wellbeing and to condition their hair. It was passed down through the generations from grandmother to mother to daughter. It is still performed in barber shops in India today.

Indian Head Massage treatment

What makes my Indian Head Massage special is that it’s a full 1 hour hands-on massage.

It is done sitting up in a chair and the client remains fully clothed.


  • It begins with a gentle massage on the shoulders, upper back, arms and neck.
  • Next is a full scalp massage done with/or without oils. I prefer to use oils, as the oils I use have many good qualities for the condition of your hair and scalp. Helping with dandruff, hair of loss, greyness and hair growth and strength.
  • Specific pressure points are stimulated on the head, neck and shoulders.
  • The face is gently massaged, also using pressure points.
  • Finish off with some light Reiki and returning to the shoulders.

Indian Head Massage is a great therapeutic treatment.

It is a perfect treatment and fits nicely if you wish to add on a half hour of Reiki or a foot massage or any other treatment to finish with and to leave you feeling relaxed and grounded.

This treatment makes a wonderful gift for that someone special in your life. Please contact Sue at Time to Blossom directly, for any gift vouchers or package deals for Indian Head Massage.

Indian head massage at Time to Blossom
Oils for Indian Head Massage